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In this section you'll find the detailed biography of
Didier Riey, describing his career, his works,
and the multiple facets of this atypical musician.

A classically trained violinist, Didier Riey turned to composing and songwriting in the Eighties, after earning his degree in modern literature and spending several years teaching.

After being selected as a TF 1 “DECOUVERTES” discovery in 1982, he won the “CHANTONS FRANCAIS” prize in Montreal, in the singer-songwriter category.

For a few years, Didier composed for the theatre, as part of the JE-TU-IL troupe (“DON’T SPEAK ABOUT IT”, “WHAT’S LOVE?”…).
He was then cast as an actor and singer in Philippe Chatel’s musical comedy, “EMILIE JOLIE”, at the Cirque d’Hiver in 1985-1986.
Didier was close to STEPHANE GRAPELLI and produced his first record, “PAPA GRAPELLI”, in 1987, with the support of that great violinist.

Didier next moved on to television and, starting in the early Nineties, composed the music for a number of series (animation and children’s programming):
“THE MULTOCHES” France 2/Canal +, “TOM AND TIPPO” France 3, “TIC-TAC-TOC” La Cinquième, “IKO” TF 1, “MUMMY NANNY” France 2, and, more recently, “CEDRIC” France 3, “BRICKS ‘N BRATS” France 2 (Cartoon series nominated for the 7 d’Or prize in 2003), and “MARTIN MORNING” France 3….

During the summer of 1995, he created the music for the EXPAND’s prime-time game show on France 2, “THE CAMPUS TROPHY”, on which he conducted an 8 piece orchestra with his violin.
In 1996 and 1997, Didier created the musical program branding for EURONEWS. He’s composed for this network ever since. The cultural calendar, “AGENDA”, on which he plays the violin in homage to Stéphane Grapelli, is an emblematic example. It’s become popular in virtually every European country since it’s initial broadcast in 1996…

In 2005, Didier Riey created the new musical signature of EURONEWS. 2004 and 2005 marked the return to the stage of this versatile musician, as he went from the Théâtre de Nesle in May and June, 2004, to the Théâtre de Dix Heures for all of May, 2005.
His show, “CRAZY VIOLIN”, swinging between movies and gypsy jazz, is meeting with growing success. In recognition of this popularity, the Theatre des Dix Heures has included the show in its 2006-2007 tour calendar… (Release of the CD and DVD scheduled for early 2006.)

Didier Riey is a full member of the SACEM and an administrator of the UCMF (Union of Film Music Composers).