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Midway between the universe of film and the stage, Didier Riey's work remains fundamentally centered on the image: fiction, animation, and television branding make up the daily life of this eclectic musician, who also shares onstage his passion for TV and the movies.


The keynote of Didier’s world becomes clear when you learn the importance of his meeting with Stéphane Grappelli in the Eighties…

The labor of creation and performance, writing and the stage are joyously intermingled… Film and the opportunities it provides are currently a major focus of Didier’s activity, particularly as part of the UCMF (the Union of Film Music Composers). Teaching and illustrating through examples, the rewriting of musical sequences for old movies (SUNRISE, by Fritz Murnau), and cine-concerts play an important part in numerous festivals (Le Goût du Court, The Saint Maur Short Subject Festival, The Sarlat Film Festival…).


So what we observe is a violinist-composer at work, his career naturally pointing towards a marriage of creation and the musical stage…

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